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True Power Oil Products

If you have recently been mulling over the thought of switching over to a true synthetic motor oil for trucks or cars, then this article is for you. True Synthetics will be fast replacing conventional petroleum based synthetic oils due to their superior properties and versatile nature. The comparison provided here will help you make a choice for your vehicle.

What is TRUE Synthetic Motor Oil?

First developed by German scientists during the second world war, true Group 4 synthetic motor oils were initially used in aviation, and in the last 40 years have been introduced in gas and diesel cars, trucks, and machinery.

True Group 4 & 5 synthetics have outclassed conventional petroleum based synthetic oils due to their superior qualities. These oils are created from sources which are other than crude oil based materials.

True Group 4 & 5 synthetics are created from synthetic esters, and polyalphaolefin base oil. Their non-crude oil origin helps them overcome problems created by conventional crude based oils. They are engineered oils to be used as lubricants. Created to be the best lubricant known to man, and to suit the extreme temperature conditions that exist in the truck and car engines. They are not Crude oil, pulled from the ground, and adapted to be used as a lubricant.

Do not confuse these Group 4 & 5 True Power synthetics with what the big oil companies want you to believe are synthetics, but are really the lesser grade,
Group 1 crude base oil, not synthetic
Group 2 crude that has been hydro-cleaned, not synthetic
Group 3 crude base oil that has been cleaned, and hydro-cracked, (dewaxed) with a splash of true synthetics, if any at all.

True Power Oil by Hole In One Motor Sports is one of the few Group 4 & 5 True synthetic oils. It is made with Ester and Polyalphaolefin 100% pure synthetic base oil. We don't water down our 100 % true synthetics with petroleum based products, called synthetics.



Here are some of the reasons for preferring Group 4 & 5 True Power synthetic oil over any Group 1 or Group 2 conventional mineral oils, and so called Group 3 petroleum based synthetics:


  • Less metal to metal friction, and heat
  • Lead to longevity of engine life
  • Provide extended drain intervals
  • Overcome thermal breakdown, oxidation and sludge problems effectively
  • Lead to increased torque and HP
  • Excellent viscosity performance at high and low temperatures
  • Have led to improvement in fuel economy
  • Better shear, as well as chemical stability
  • 60% biodegradable, which is considered GREEN
  • 155 Natural VI (Viscosity Index) will never shear

The only factor against these types of oils are their prices which are slightly higher than those for conventional synthetic motor oils, but well worth the investment. Don't forget to Flush first.

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