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What is Minicup Racing?

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What is Minicup Racing?

The Central States Region Super Cup is a 1/2 scale, American built stock car built just like the Sprint Cup cars. They have Chromoly tube chassis, tunable suspension, Quick Adjust upper and lower control arms, disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, and a  fiberglass body.

The goal of the CSR series is to provide an inexpensive stock car racing experience. 

The CSR open division is for adults, and Future Stars that have proven their ability. If you have always wanted to race but didnít have the money or time. Then CSR and the American made NC predator Super Cup Race car from Hole-in-One Motor Sports is the answer. The CSR Super Cup Race cars are inexpensive to maintain and are the least expensive form of racing for their size and thrill of the ride.

Engine: 13 H.P. Honda GX390 (Blue Printed Engines have 18-20 H.P.) - 4 Stroke, OHV Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, Electric Start, Clutch, Dry Centrifugal, Chain Driven.

Body: Hand Laid Figerglass with Carbon Fiber Strips - Lexan Windows - Lasercut Stainless Steel Hinges, Available in Monte Carlo, Taurus, Grand Prix and Intrepid.

Chassis: 1-1/8th by .065 Chromoly Cage Structure with 1 1/4 Square Frame Rails - Quick AdjustTM Upper Control Arms - Toe Adjustments - Movable Pedals - Rack and Pinion Steering - Adjustable AFCO Coil-over Shocks  - Fully Tunable Suspension.

Wheels and Tires: 8" by 6.5" 4 lug polished aluminim REAL, or Douglas wheels, 15X7 American Racer, or Hoosier Slicks. 

Here are some reasons to choose Central States Regions SuperCups over other forms of racing.

Safety - Full roll cage and body for protection similar to Sprint Cup cars. We also require a 5 point harness, helmet and full firesuit.

Inexpensive - CSR Super Cups are the lowest cost alternative in Motorsports today. Engines, tires and other parts that are critical to the racing can easily last all season with a little bit of maintenance. Many possible sponsors are eager to advertise with the individual. Just like real Sprint Cup cars.

Nationwide/Organized - The cars and rules are set nationwide by; CSR, NASCAR, SRL and MMRA sanctioning bodies and local track rules. So if you travel or need to move, you can still race competitively wherever you go.

Equality - The governing rules and sealed motors keep the cars competitive and allow for the driver to determine his own fate on the track.

Value - You will get more racing per dollar with CSR Super Cups. Once you have the car, maintenance consists of; 1 qt. of oil on oil change day, an occasional valve spring change and fuel expenses, which cosists of 1 1/2 gallons of 89 or 93 octane gas. Youíll spend more time racing and less time working on the car.

Easy - Working on the car is easy enough for one person to handle. One person can even replace the engine unassisted. The Lightning Light fiberglass body also makes bodywork simple for the novice.

Fun - You always wanted to go racing. You thought it would be fun. Central States Regions Super Cups are your ticket out of the stands AND INTO THE ACTION! Super Cups are 1/2 the size but twice the FUN!!

Don't be fooled by other Super Cup series pretending to be like CSR. We have been around the longest and have the proven track record since the mid 1990's. Many other American mini cup series will come and go, but CSR  is here to stay.

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